Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letter - 2

Dear Dad, Thank you for letting me borrow the truck all this week.  I have enjoyed your sense of humor as people try to figure it out...

Dear Grace, I'm so thankful we got together this week under the disguise of delivering Thirty-One orders.  Seeing people I don't get to see often, yet think so highly of, really makes my day. 

Dear Ellie, Sister Beth and Donna, thanks for coming to visit Macy.  She'll grow into her wrist rattles soon, I'm sure, and we'll be left wondering how she grew so quickly. 

Dear brother, I hope your 41 year, beginning this past Wednesday, brings about huge joys and blessings.  I'm thankful you are my brother (even if I never tell you things like that!). 

Dear Internet, thank you for teaching me the correct way to toast coconut and pecans (top of picture) so they don't end up a burnt greasy mess (bottom of picture).  My O' Susanna pies thank you, too. 

Dear Macy, Here is a new picture of you from this week. You keep changing, growing, being adorably cute, and stealing my heart.  I love how you watch everything, do these funny half-smiles when you start to doze off to sleep, pitch a screaming mimi when you are hungry and prefer one brand and one brand only of passies. :)

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  1. I love your dad's sense of humor. :) And when in doubt, I definitely google. I always find answers that way! One time, Josh turned on his computer and the computer screen was upside down! Icons, desktop wallpaper, everything! Yeah, he was pretty upset but I was the calm one googling and was Mrs. Fix it. :D

  2. Dad has an awesome sense of humor. I love the people that say - I didn't know BMW made a truck! ... Seriously?

    I SEE YOU TOMORROW! I am calling soon. Promise.


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