Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friends and family filled

Yesterday was just wonderful. I spent my morning cuddling my sweet niece, singing and rocking and watching her just be cute.

We played and snuggled most of the morning. Until time was running out and I had to kick it into gear...I was heading to Cola town to visit Paulene! Went to my favorite restaurant, Lizards Thicket! Thankfully, she understand my obsession.

Hated it was only three hours, I really wanted it to be longer. The strong storms that periodically blew through addled my brain. Especially seeing straight down lightning behind her head we were saying goodbye. But the visit was wonderful, she's doing so well and is so happy! Great visit!

I really need to get moving this morning- family reunion for lunch and I need to start cooking. One of the big mamajamas. Some of the best food...and lots of chicken buckets. :( But lots of family I don't see very often and that's the point, right?

I invited my friend, Sara. Her family is in Mexico and Michigan so she doesn't get to do family reunions. I took her to one a few years ago, because everyone needs to experience a family reunion. Especially one with Southern food! So many folks were tickled to have a new "family member."

Well, since this stuff isn't going to cook itself, I suppose I should get moving...
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  1. It was so great to see you! It went by so fast. Can't wait for next time. If you ever need anything to talk...about Etsy, healthy stuff or you know, just talk to...I'm HERE for you! :D


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