Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catch Up

I finally have a moment to breathe and caught up on my blog reading.  I hate it when I put it off, but enjoy seeing all the cool entries all at once, too. The photos, recipes, updates on life, inspirations - makes for a fun block of time. :)
Image from  http://paulenecruse.blogspot.com 

One thing I didn't want to miss - nor do I want YOU to miss - are these awesome printable bookmarks by my friend, Paulene. VISIT HER BLOG here to print your very own colorful bookmark and share one with a friend!  Yes, this would be Paulene that I saw this weekend. I'm sometimes amazed that I personally know such talented people.  She is super talented, nice and a really good friend. 

PS - don't try to print from that picture to the right. That is what she used to promote it on her website. Just click the picture or the link above and GO TO THE actual download page for crystal clear printable. 


On a totally unrelated note, I've been following all these countries on Twitter who are part of the Rotation Curation project.  Each week the country is represented by a new tweeter! It's a great concept, began by @sweden and now I believe there are fifty or more countries involved. It's been so cool to see photos from all over the world in real time. One guy (@travisbutler representing @WeAreAustralia) even took my random directions for his next 5 turns (left, left, right, left, right) and took a picture of where he ended up. How cool is that? Pretty neat.  

Anyway, so I have been taking more pictures of my drive into work and sharing periodically with the world because so many aren't from a countryside type of environment.  You know, where public transportation is non-existent and the cows are grazing on the hillside? Anyway, here are a few recent shots.  Extremes within one season: 

Same road. One on the way to work and one on the way home from work.  Love the shadows on the road cast by the clouds in the second picture.  Of course, it ended up storming fiercely later that evening... 

Anyway, I can't sign off without leaving you with one more Macy photo to just make your day! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing my bookmarks! :) Hope you can use them...and let me know if you have any problems with the file. Too bad I don't have a twitter account...that sounds like a neat concept!


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