Friday, August 19, 2011


Here are the shoes I turned the house semi-upside down searching for yesterday. I was wearing brown capris...something I rarely do. And I only have one pair of brown/gold flip flops. So, since these were in plain sight beside my bed and I sill couldn't find them, I ended up wearing bright blue with black bottoms. Oh well. I've never claimed to be a fashion diva.

Do you see these incredibly yummy coconut pies?  Look at those golden tops just waiting to the sliced yummy. My coworker, knowing I had a large family function this weekend, made them this morning for me to take. Can you believe that! I've been smelling them all day, it's torture!

She claimed she didn't want the buttermilk to spoil. Heaven help, I'll always be glad to help you out with that! Incredibly nice of her. And she's the baking queen so I know they are going to be awesome! Can't wait!
Ya'll have a great weekend!

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