Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds

I really don't mind driving into work when the weather is pretty - I have a nice drive where I'm apt to start taking pictures along the way.

These puffy white clouds obviously caught my eye one day a few weeks ago - must have been on the way home judging by the sun placement. 

I love it when the sun lights up the clouds, giving them a glowing energy.  It's just neat to me. (I know, I'm easily amused. But it makes life so much more interesting!)

These just may be my favorite clouds... pink tinted from the sun, fluffy and cotton-ish looking. Yes, I know the picture is crazy crooked, Gary and I were driving to somewhere (I can't even remember where now!) But the pink clouds just tickled me pink! :)  Don't you want to just run and jump into these clouds like the biggest, fluffiest bed you've ever dove into? Or maybe like a gigantic bubble bath minus the water? Or... I suppose they are clouds so they could be storing water. Hmm... something to think about. ...

PS - oops. I posted one of these pictures a few weeks ago! That's what I get for having the attention span of a rabid squirrel. Sorry! :) Enjoy it again like it was the first time! ha ha ha!

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