Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooler Days...

Gary and I decided to take a day adventure on his one Saturday off and head for the NC Mountains. OH THANK HEAVENS! Finally we got a break from the oppresive heat that South Carolina has been under for the past 1,204,743 days.  Whew! The day was positively perfect, down to the nap that I was able to take while he drove us around the mountain.

I just love the NC mountains - love seeing the beautiful blue color in the distance, humps and humps of shades of blue. There is just something about it that causes my shoulders to drop and my back to relax and I can just breathe in serenity.

Gary loves the mountains more than I do and knows all the lookout spots that have the beautiful views. So we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at several overlooks on the way.  Each one provides a different view of the beauty God has given to us.  It's just so nice to dedicate a day to enjoying it!

This family was coming across the hills as we were taking pictures of the mountains and the cows... it was very "Sound of Music"-esque with mom, dad and about six youngins.  When these two scampered to the top of the rock, I had to take a quick picture - they were just too cute!

The rock, sans kids.

And the two adventurers - posing for a self portrait! :) 

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