Friday, August 12, 2011

These are Treasures.

Yesterday, my friend MJ and I attended the funeral of a very smart, funny, community-minded gentleman - the husband of a dear friend of ours.  He fought a courageous fight with ALS and through their combined efforts as a couple, raised funding for research and awareness of this disease.

The service was beautiful. The church is so peaceful, nestled close to the ocean and you just feel at peace like watching the ocean waves. The flowers, mostly red, white and blue, honored his service to and love of our country.  Graceful grapevine wreathes with delicate flowers seemed to represent his gentle nature so perfectly.  The service was truly wonderful. His son was so strong as he spoke on behalf of the family, telling stories that had us all laughing through shimmering eyes. The military honors at the cemetary were so moving, the presentation of the flag to our friend made you catch your breath. Truly a beautiful service honoring a beautiful life.

During the ceremony, my friend's son performed a song he wrote around a poem his mother had written to her husband about six months ago. It is a tribute to their life together and what sounds like her way of saying goodbye.  It's a tearjerker. It's beautiful. It makes your heart ache and soar at the same time. I wish you could hear it to understand how it tugs at your soul, but here are the words. (Please don't use them without her permission.)

 Love the music
Humming a favorite tune
Love the story
Takes you far from your room
Love the rhythm
Of a cherished poem

These are treasures
We’ve always known
These are treasures
 We’ve always known

Love the power
Of the ocean waves
Love the majesty
Of the mountain range
Love the beauty
Watch as natures grows

These are treasures
We’ve always known
These are treasures
 We’ve always known

Love our country
The land of the free
Love the stars and stripes
In a  gentle breeze
Love our children
Protect our own

These are treasures
We’ve always known
These are treasures
 We’ve always known

Love life
And these moments together
Love me
And always forever
Take my hand now
But let me go

And thank God for Treasures
We’ve always known
Thank God for treasures
We’ve always known.

I have the notes stuck in my head it's just so beautiful.  They had such a lovely relationship, which is very obvious in their actions towards each other, and how their family blended together. She's such a special person and I hope she knows that.

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