Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Monday.

What do we have here? Two Muffins for this special Monday?! That's right - you get two Muffins for the price of one! What a bargain.

The first Muffin is in her favorite chair in my living room, which I have used to store this picture of the Chapel at the Citadel until I can replace the glass and find a place to hang it.  I'm not sure she appreciates the art, but she tolerates it.  Dad found the print at a yard sale and knowing how much I love Charleston, picked it up for me. Mom used a frame of my grandmother's to display it, so it has very special meaning for me.

The second Muffin, after much sniffing and exploring, has decided to make my old nightstand her new happy place. This was made by someone in my family - uncle, dad, brother, I'm not sure who - and I just brought it over from my sister's house.  Of course, in typical kitten fashion, she had to sniff it from every angle before deciding it was worthy of her. 

Thankfully, it has been accepted into the household.  Enough so that it has become the bathing place, judging by the picture.

Here's to hoping your August was a great but that your September will be even better! :)  Since it's my birth month, I plan on enjoying celebrations ALL month long. I figure anything that happens in September is in celebration of my being born. I hope you'll celebrate along with me!

PS - I had this scheduled to post early this morning... not sure why it didn't, so TA DA! You have Muffin a little later than expected. :)

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