Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Days Fly By...

This is my desk calendar for the year so far.

I was super interested in using my co-worker's name stamp and decorated the entire right side of my calendar with her name. Over and over and over. I also notice lots of snow days. I hope we don't have that happen again. I hate the stress of snow.

 February I was obviously happy about Valentine's Day, although I had no valentine. Two elections and two birthdays livened up the look with some color.

 Not sure why these items deserved the color they received (calls to ADT, my bank, insurance, etc) The Sun Drop bottle label made things more interesting at the bottom...

 Wow. April. What can I say besides BUSY!  Two elections, four birthdays, lots of playdates with friends and the first "movie night" with Gary. - He's also the Lake Lure in the bottom right corner.

May brought a WONDERFUL visit to my friend, Sherry! She deserves lots of color!

Oh thank heavens for the beach! A wonderful trip with the family! You probably can't see the pencil marks, but immediately after that trip, I went into teaching mode for two weeks.

Again, I left color behind for the two weeks of classes I was teaching, but July was actually pretty busy. At least Independence Day received some patriotic colors. And my state outline.

Do you see how boring August looks! Very little color, just blah pen and pencil. Seems that I need to pull out the markers and highlighters for September and liven life up a little bit!  Sheesh, I can't believe it's September already. Where did the time go?

I've never really used a desk calendar before this year. It just wasn't efficient in my previous employment. Here, however, it's kinda cool to look back at life and see all the details - the movies and dinner dates with friends, the work schedule, the doctor's appointments and random numbers involved in everyday life. :)

I should go ahead and color the next three days, when I'll be home working in my house to reorganize and get ready for FALL! I seriously considered just going ahead and decorating for Christmas, but I think I can hold off on that for at least one more month. But no bets on waiting until Halloween.

Ya'll don't miss me too much this week, my imaginary friends, and I'll catch up with you at least in time for Muffin Monday! :)


  1. You make my heart smile....:) MJ

  2. MJ, you make mine smile a well! :)


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