Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sandy Shells.

During my quick, whirlwind trip to Holden Beach/Wilmington, I took a very quick 10 minute walk on the beach before declaring it was just too hot and beating a quick retreat to the AC in the beach house. I basically stayed outside long enough to take a few pictures and pick up a few shells. 

The number of angel wings surprised me. When I was a kid, it was such a treat to find angel wings like those above - it was something very special and had to be handled with care.  I didn't even take any of these with me on this trip because I knew I wouldn't be able to protect them well enough to prevent the two shells from breaking apart.  So I left them for everyone else to enjoy. :)

 For whatever reason, this sandy pathway to the beach just caught my fancy.  It seemed like a secret kind of place where you would come out on the other side and be in a beautiful wonderland. That's not too far off the mark - the beach was beautiful with so few people that you felt like you had it all to yourself.

As you may have read in my earlier posts, I've made a commitment to myself for a few life changes this year.  One is my Thankful Journal, which I've been kinda slack about the past week or so, but I have felt much happier and uplifted due to my frequent acknowledgement of the blessings I've received in my life. 

Another life change involved photography - something I really enjoy but had let slip to the wayside as life became too busy to bother.  When Spring was in full bloom, it was easy to snatch up my camera and head outside for photo sessions. Well, yesterday after walking back to my house from my parents', I had to snap a few pictures of my beautiful rose bushes! These were on a clearance rack at Lowe's for only $5 each and so I bought four of them.  Three I planted at the end of my house and one at work.  I love them! They bring such joyas I back out of my driveway right beside them to leave in the mornings.   Love it!

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