Friday, October 3, 2014

Fridays Letters

Thank goodness for Fridays!  This week it feels like I've been drug backwards through a knothole. Yup. And it's only gonna get worse until after the election.

But today is Friday. And I can sleep in tomorrow because the boss gave me Saturday off. Something about stabbing chest pains and having your employee crying on you thanks on the fear of what is going on health wise. Yeah so I'm off on Saturday. 

So let's move along to letters: 

Dear God, you have really watched out for me this week. You've kept me calm, helped me sleep, just taken care of me through my fear. Thank you. 

Dear Pen Pal, I'm thanking you belated me for my birthday present. But more importantly I thank you for your prayers this week. I'm so thankful to know I can depend on you send up a prayer anytime I need it!!! 

Dear Macy, I've so enjoyed you last weekend and this week. The playground rocked, especially watching you make new friends. And your sweet hugs make my morning start off just right. 

Dear road, I'm ready for a break from you. I've been tearing it up from one side of the county to the other. Files are everywhere and totally unorganized. So no offense, but I'm ready to return to home base (aka my office). 

Y'all, you know it's sad when a person gets excited over the thoughts of cleaning house tomorrow. I want everything looking good, cute autumn decor, warm homey glowing lamps. Yes, it's a good thing. 

So thanks y'all for being patient with my sporadic posts. Have a great weekend.  :)

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  1. Sometimes a Saturday spent making everything look just so is just what we need!


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