Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lovin' the Leaves

I know, ya'll have heard me complain about working so hard... I'm sure you are SICK of it. But one of the reasons I get all grouchy is because I. LOVE. FALL.  I love the crisper temperatures, the deep blue of the sky, the sun streaming through the bright red, orange and yellow leaves - it's just my time of year.  So being stuck in an office late at night and multiple weekends during this favorite time of year just turns me into a grouch.  I want to go to every pumpkin festival with the nieces and take a million photos of their adorable autumnal garb amidst tons of fallen leaves and plump pumpkins.

Insert sad face here.

But... today, Sunday, I once again skipped church, slept late, took a hot bath and zoomed up to a dive meat and three to grab lunch before the church crowd got out.  On the way home, I took a very slow and leisurely spin through Kings Mountain Park, windows down, Christmas harp music blasting, soaking up the sunlight, the colors and the autumn spirit that I've missed so very much.

I will admit to being totally lazy and not getting out of my car for any photo today. 

I know our color isn't peaking yet - maybe it will wait until work slows down! Whoopie! I hope so, but this 30 minute drive did a lot to refill my soul.  Honestly. It was just so relaxing, my shoulders slipped down away from being hunched up at my ears and my head fell back with the wind totally destroying any styling left of my hair.  GOOOOOOOOD STUFF. Loved loved loved it. 

I'm also gonna share some pics I pulled off my real camera from earlier in the month.  I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by fog on my morning drives to work, but the way this hill is, you kinda are above the fog, then in it, under it, in it again and back on top.  Just weird but so cool at the same time! 

Above it all, heading down under it and will be in it soon. Isn't it so cool?!

 The sun filters through so prettily 

 Until you get down under the fog and the sun just can't seem to penetrate the heavy layer of mist

 But wait! On the way up and the sun is coming back! 

I mean, honestly, can't you see why I'm so fascinated with it? Ok, maybe not, but hey - it keeps me entertained on the way to work in the mornings. :)  God is the most cool artist ever, with beautiful surprises around every curve. 

I could get started on the pumpkins growing outside our office... yes, more pumpkins! Folks coming in to vote are all interested in the pumpkins, someone picked up the vine trailing outside of the bed with pumpkins on it and placed it inside of the bed so it wouldn't get inadvertently damaged.  They are so in awe of the pumpkin in our office, grown right out front in the flower bed! If anything actually comes of the half dozen we have starting out there, you know I'll let you know... :) 

You still have a few hours of daylight, friends, run outside and enjoy it while you can! 

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