Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Letters!

Who is ready for the Friday Dance!!! Today is Friday! Today is Friday! Yes, get your groove on in your chair, at your desk, in the car... just enjoy the fact that today is Friday!

Granted, I'm working tomorrow.

But today is still FRIDAY!

I have to share a story before sharing letters.  My sister has been asking Macy what she wants for Christmas, and usually Macy says Corn on the Cob. Or Grapes.  Santa is gonna be a tad bit confused when she visits.  Anyway, we've been crazy busy at work and I haven't seen her this week.  So when Katie asked her this morning, she said, "Aunt Beth." (my heart is 100% melted to a puddle in the floor!)  So Katie asked - which do you want more, Aunt Beth or Corn on the Cob? After serious consideration, Macy chose Aunt Beth.  I rank higher than Corn on the Cob!! *happy dance!*  I'm making this quick so I can get home and see her tonight. :)

Marching onward to the letters!

Dear Koala. I love you. I bought two of you - one for me and one for my sister. Because she'll appreciate this sense of humor. hee hee. I'm still giggling over it. And at $.13 - a steal!

Dear Winthrop, I can't find jack crap on your campus anymore because you have tried to transform yourself into an ivy league impostor and smacked up new building on every available surface of earth. Which is fine, it's very beautiful, but holy heck where do you park? And why are your roads so confusing these days? ... All that and I still think you are a beautiful campus. Love the Tillman logo.

Dear God, I have a lot to thank you for:  the good report at the doctor, the great Bible study in Ezra with my friend, Paulene, Mom's improvement, the less stress than I usually have during election season, my boss seeing my need for assistance, -- this list goes on forever, and includes beautiful scenery, beautiful weather... Thank you.

Dear Friday, yes, you about got the best of me after I searched for approval for poster and went to the 1st floor, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 3 floor, 2nd floor and 1st floor... then down the scary outdoor metal stairs with my hands full of printing, then dumped all the printing across the parking lot. Yes, you about got the best of me, but you forget: I'm better than Corn on the Cob, so TAKE THAT!

Sweet Niece #2, you made my week.  Love you bunches, babe!

Dear Dad, I know you and mom have worried about me. Thanks for giving me a break this week and treating me to lunch.  It was so good to get away from the office for a bit. :)

Ok peeps, I'm heading home.  Ya'll have a great weekend! XXX

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