Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wherever She Goes We Follow

Right at this moment, I'm wondering how a potholder got in my bedroom? The answer is Macy. So today I worked for 7 hours, wrote checks so that each of the 12 medical entities gets paid this month, hmmm but forgot to make the car payment- and then I CAME HOME. I practically begged Katie to bring Sweet Niece #2 over so I could have some time wih her.

Coming up my steps, Macy announces she needed to go to my big potty. I may be a wonderful aunt, but I have no potty here. So we go rushing into the house and to the bathroom where she stop and points to the toilet. "That's your potty!"  Indeed, and I tossed her scrawny butt on it. Success! (Ed. Note: since then I have purchased a pink lady bug potty)

Katie walked back over to her house and I knew Mom was on her way home, so I called to share our success story and invited her over for some Macy lovin'. While I'm on the phone with her and trying to balance Macy on an upside down laundry basket in the bathroom so she could wash her hands, my front door opens. It's Dad! He figured out where Macy was and came over. 

So I ended up with Macy, Mom, Dad, Katie and me in my living room. We don't fit well in my living room, but it was awesome. I loved it. AND Dad fixed my tv!! Hooray! 

Let's get real, everyone just wants to see pictures. This is about all I got. I recovered my Bible tonight because I've never liked it being an advertisement for Charles Stanley. Love it - great study Bible, but this is more Bethie like. 

I'm heading to read Ezra chapter 7. Gotta keep up with Paulene. What a blessing, this walk together through Ezra!! Y'all have a great night :)

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  1. Hi Beth! Potty success is always worth celebrating. And she got everyone at your house!


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