Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today was one of those blessed days. The weather was completely perfect and the memories are great. We kicked off the morning in the pumpkin patch, after arriving in said patch via a hay ride.

After finding THE PERFECT PUMPKIN, we measured ourselves against the apple tree and experienced a fierce pony ride (Macy insisted she almost fell off, but this is not true. Haha).

We celebrated our fall festival fun with a trip to McDonald's - a rare treat for Macy. And she got to sip her Mommy's sweet tea - bonus!!! This child is SOUTHERN! 

I left them for a work adventure that was a total bust. :(   That was kinda sad. I hate spending my weekends with work that is just wasted time. Oh well. It happens. 

But after work a friend from Colatown came up and we had a great time!!! She caught me up on South Dakota, Alaska, Charleston, her awesome business at and how The Lord is working in her business. As she said, "I'm glad time slowed down for us today!"  I am, too. We spent over an hour in the local park, swinging on a porch swing and just catching up. Even spotted a turtle and hot air balloon! It was just a soothing and energizing visit. 

And now it's time to wind down and go to bed. Lovely memories - things to add to my scrapbook! And blessing to thank God for tonight. 

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  1. Wasn't it a fabulous day? We spent it outdoors piddling around with yard work and such. We used to go to Windy Hill when the two older kids were young. I haven't taken Ethan yet. We should have done that yesterday!


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