Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sticking my nose up in the air...

As everyone is revealing their Cara Boxes this week, (here is mine, I think I revealed early?), I like to check out everyone else's and leave comments here and there.  When someone emailed me back and we started this chat, I realized - I am a snob.

Not your everyday run-of-the-mill snob. Like, I don't get snobby over your income, your clothes, if your toes are the right color, if you have a trendy car or a smashing haircut.  I truly do not care about any of that.

I'm a pen snob.  I want nice pens that write decent. Goooood pens. Smooth writing pens. I'm even happier when they are in a dark navy ink color. Not bright blue. Not black. But blue-black. Yeah, I'm picky. I'm a pen snob.

I have a feeling I'm not the only one. Who else out there is a snob about something?  FESS UP.


I'm also confessing here my new love of DUCT TAPE!  Well, decorative duct tape.  Isn't this stuff awesome?

My niece needed her dance box decorated and I was at a loss at how to make it cute for her.  It's a big plastic tool box, how do you cute that up?  After buying $35+ worth of supplies at Wal-Mart, I ended up only using $9!!!  I'm taking back all kinds of stuff because once I discovered my love for duct tape, I just didn't open the rest of the stuff.

The polka-dots are from a roll of duct tape and the letters are from a duct tape sheet - about 8" x 10". I still have over half the roll left for other projects.

So how did I get cute letters when I don't own one of those Cricut machines?

I found a font I liked and printed the letters out on regular paper. I used pencil to scribble all around the outline of the letters and placed it face down (pencil rubbings face down) to the back of the tape sheet.  Then I realized I couldn't read the letters through the paper anymore because of the pencil rubbing! So I printed another, placed it on top so I could SEE the outline through the paper and using a pen, traced the letters with LOTS of pressure. When I took off all the paper, the letters were traced onto the back of the tape sheet.  Just cut and stick to the box!  With the left over tape sheet I made stars and hearts and added little details to carry the zebra print all the way down to the bottom.

I thought it was cute! I know there are dance moms that have much more creativity and do all kinds of oh-la-la things to their youngin's dance box... but hey! I'm happy, she's happy and that's all that matters. :)

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  1. Soo cute. I used to Nanny for a family friend and the daughter was in to the tape as well. She used to make me the cutest things.
    Girl I'm a snob about so many things. Especially when it comes to Texas, Sweet Tea and music.


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