Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Funding Vacation Homes... among other things...

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How do you like the house my family purchased in the past two weeks? It's nice, isn't it? Too bad it's for the doctors and not for the family...

Seriously, I think with the four doctor visits my sister has had in the past week + the visit my mom will have tomorrow + the one Macy is going to have if she doesn't get over this cold = a new vacation home for the doctor!!

Strep, Flu, Virus, Thrush, Coughing, Hacking... it's really lovely between all the three houses. And we are all praying that Macy just has a cold and doesn't get anything more serious - like STREP! Please send up a prayer for her, too. Thanks.

So I cleaned out my car this week. I really should have taken before and after pictures because it was that bad.  I'm not sure what I have against taking my mail inside, but I found all kinds of unopened mail. Mostly junk mail.  A bottle of prescription medicine dating back to April 2012. Three more that I picked up last month.  Three jackets - one was my old letter jacket from high school (and I'm 37 now!)  A crockpot. Shoes shoes shoes. A full-sized George Foreman grill. A random large serving bowl in an everyday china pattern that involves giraffe print. My charger for the Garmin. The Garmin. Hot glue sticks. Country Dance for the Wii. A case of water. And just junk junk junk.  Now I need to vacuum. And stay a bit more organized!

I'm so excited, I've heard from both Cara Box partners for this month! The one I'm sending to and the one sending to me! I think this theme of finding things with the person's first name is going to be fun. I have a list of ideas already.

I'm also excited because I won a gift card to Whole Foods from Influenster last night! WHOO HOO!  I never win anything, but my tweets won me this!  I'm watching The Taste while tweeting like a mad woman with Influenster.  Although it's a show I might not watch initially, it's a lot of fun to join the tweeting party while watching!  And sometimes you WIN THINGS! So I'm totally psyched.  Basically, these chef contestants have been making themed dishes (last night was Seduction) and they have one spoonful of the dish to impress the judges.  Blindly the judges eat and rate - chefs go home and others move forward. Pretty cool so far.  I would love to have gotten a VoxBox last night, but maybe next time. (Check out Influenster to learn more about how this program works).

Ok, time to refocus energy on something else today...  ya'll have a good one!

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