Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters And Confessions

Because no letter is complete without pics of Sweet Niece

Dear sickness, I've been polite in asking you to leave my family alone, but you haven't listened. I'm about to put my butt-kickin' boots on and take care of businesses. (I hope this sounds scary enough that you'll leave without a fight...)

Dear Atlanta, your traffic sucks.

Dear Alabama, your road work sucks, but your welcome center is beautiful.

Dear cancer, you suck. End of story.

Dear Hydrocodone cough syrup, you don't suck at all, you rock!

Dear blog friends, I'm so enjoying getting to know you through blogs, comments and conversation!

Dear God, thanks for many blessings, thanks for keeping Pop well so he can take care of everyone else. Especially while I'm gone

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Friday Confessions!

I confess...I hadn't cleaned out my car in over a year and found quite a few things I've been missing. Oops.

I feet shouldn't been seen by man or beast until I get a pedi but oh well. Some folks better prepare to be scared.

I confess...I hate the capchas to post comments and usually have to do them twice. And that's ok when my comment posts afterwards, but when I get the "your comment will post after aporoval" um...isn't that a bit overkill?

I confess...weight loss is no longer an option. Seriously. I want to feel cute again, so I am going to HAVE to be better prepared at home and work.

I confess...I feel very guilty about leaving Muffin at home alone. :(

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  1. Yep, all letters must include photos of a sweet baby girl.

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better.

    I'm sure Muffin is having lots of kitty cat parties while you're away.

  2. I hate captchas too!! Ugh. Drive me crazy.

    Hope your sicknesses go away NOW! :)

  3. I confess that my car is in great need of being cleaned out and then vacuumed and detailed.

    Don't get me started on catchpas. They are not necessary at all in the blogger world, and google's are the hardest to read.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Sorry it's taken me a few days to come by and say hello.

  4. Okay, seriously? You have catchpas on your comments LOL.

  5. I LOVE that you said in your sidebar that Muffin's name was originally Ms Cleo until you realized she wasn't psychic. Adorable. And the Alabama Welcome Center IS beautiful!



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