Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear world, it's for the best if you'll just go ahead and admit this is the cutest baby girl you have ever seen. JUST ADMIT IT!

Dear coworker, it's kinda funny to hear you snoring ... but I also know you stay busy 20 hours out of 24, so it's ok, snore away.

Dear Pen Pal, thanks for the awesome REJOICE journal. It totally made my day to open my mailbox and have a present instead of a bill! ... or in addition to a bill? :)  THANK YOU!

Dear local produce stand fruit and veggie box, I'm so excited to be part of your program! I have prepaid for 7 weeks of homegrown goodies and so look forward to the program beginning!

Dear Pressed Clovers fans, look for a coupon code on my Facebook page on April Fool's Day! :) Woop woop! (hello gift ideas!!!)

Dear MJ, It was so good to catch up on the phone today. How can we be in the same county and still not have time for brunchy lunch? This summer. No excuses allowed. Brunchy lunch between friends.

Dear moon, well hello there!  I love it when you visit and it's daylight outside.  It's like a special little treat, just for me.  Yes, I know, it's the simple things that make me happy.

Ya'll, it's Easter this weekend.  And I love me some peeps and chocolate bunnies.  BUT, Easter is about MUCH MORE than peeps and chocolate bunnies.  So please reflect on Jesus, God's only child being sent to our imperfect world, living a sinless life, weeping and despairing at the thoughts of being separated from his Heavenly Father in order to pay for our sins.  And on the third day, he arose!  Up from the grave he arose!!! So thankful for this selfless act that gives me an opportunity to enter into heaven. Words cannot explain.


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