Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Recap With Pics!

My last three weeks have been shot to pieces as everyone around here has been so sick. First my sister, which resulted in three doctor and one ER visit. Then my mom, which resulted in three doctor visits.

Add in a delay to my trip to Alabama, then my trip to Alabama for five days. I came home and took another three days off from work to help babysit Macy since mom was so sick.

Yes, I'm ready to reestablish a routine.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some pics of the last week or so. If I've already shared them, sorry.

This was taken on Macy's 9 month birthday this week.

Baby's first flip flops!

We visited Aunt Donna at school!

Sleeping babies are good babies...

I managed to unload this ugly giraffe bowl on my friend in Alabama. I bet it's been in my trunk for two years or more.

So anyway, that's my week in no particular order. It's time for me to roll out of this bed, grab a shower and go shopping. I have birthday presents that need to be bought and awesome Spring weather that must be enjoyed before it freakin' snows again (jk...I hope). Ya'll have a great weekend!

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