Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Letters.

So so so so so happy it's FRIDAY! Let me do the CABBAGE PATCH of victory! :) Woop woop!

Bestie, Me and Sweet Niece #2 celebrating my birthday last week... yeah I know it's a week late. Sorry. 
Dear week, You've been a long one. I'm glad you are finished.

Dear year, I added up how many days I've taken off in the past year... and it's over 33.  So let's see some positive vibes with fewer sick people, how about it? Many thanks.

Dear Mornings, Yay for the return of fun drives to work!  I love beautiful sunrises to enjoy on my way to work... and I enjoy photographing them to share with you!

Dear Autumn, I am so ready for you.  For the rustic browns, yellows and oranges, for pumpkins and apples and all things autumnal.  For cool (not cold!) weather, for burlap, for cute kids in Halloween costumes. :)  Yay, thank you for Autumn!

Dear Saturday, I know I signed up to work on you, but now I regret it because I'm missing a pottery festival and a pumpkin festival! WWWHHHHAAAAAAA! I'm going to go cry now!  (In reality, I probably wouldn't have made it to either but I'm still going to pout about it.)

Dear New Contacts, I don't think it should feel like the world shifts every time I move my eyes. Or that I can see my eyes attempting to focus and things still come out blurry.  Looking forward to getting you checked out at the eye dr next week.

Dear Lord, Thank you.  I have sent up some serious prayers this week, and you have answered each one with a YES YES YES.  I know I don't deserve it, but thank you.  Thank you so much!

Have a great weekend, ya'll and I'll see you back here on Monday. :)

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