Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday!!! 67 years looks good on you.  I know it's been a stressful 66th year, so here's to hoping 67 is much less dramatic. I'm so thankful that YOU are my Dad - a solid, strong, Christian man that is a great example.  One day I'll find someone that measures up, I hope.

Dear contributors to My BIRTHDAY and the USO! Ya'll have made my birthday over the top (and it's not even hear yet!).  Thanks for giving to the USO in honor of my 38th birthday. I seriously though $75 would be impossible to reach, but we are there! It's not too late to see it go over that goal. Why do I like the USO? They boost morale for our troops. They provide phone cards and care packages.  They support our wounded warriors and families here at home.

I have been called by a serviceperson having a USO phone card.  I know what that means to not only the person in the field, but to the gal here at home, praying for her man to get back ASAP. So yeah, the USO is a big deal to me.  Here is the link if you'd like to contribute:  I really appreciate it.

Sweet Niece #1,  You are growing up so much and it's sometimes just SAD to see!! Not really, I'm happy for you, for all you are learning, the creativity you have, your bubbly personality and funny comments.  But you'll be a teenager soon... then you will be leaving us to go off to college. *sniff sniff*  ok ok, let's just get you through the 6th grade first, right???

Dear Sweet Niece #2, You are also growing up so quickly and learning something new every single day.  Today, when you hopped down to play with all the toys at the babysitters, it cracked me up when you ran around the house, double-fisting toys, saying, "Oh boy! OH BOY! OH BOOOY!" over and over.  You bring so much joy.

Dear Parents, I often include you in my Thankful Journal, because I know you had a huge hand in shaping all three of your kids into who we are today.  I'm so glad you still love each other, that you are a support to all your family still today, no matter how grown up we become.  You are the biggest blessing given to me - that I would be a daughter of yours. :) I love you both!

Ya'll, have a great weekend.  Enjoy life, the beginnings of Fall, the blessings you have been given, the love you have in life, the beauty that is all around you! :)

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  1. lovely post, i hope you have a great weekend.


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