Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Muse.

This week/weekend, I have learned:

-- Life is better with a clean kitchen. Being single, it takes forever to get a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I've finally discovered just washing the plate/fork/glass will make me feel better than waiting for a full load.

-- Fresh fruit is yummy when you add fruit dip.  Try this - it's delish.
               1 package of cream cheese, softened
               1 cup of brown sugar
               1 T of vanilla

Beat the cream cheese with a mix until it's whipped.  Add the sugar and vanilla until everything is thoroughly mixed.  Chill.  Holy cow it's goooooooood.

-- God does not like busy bodies (I call these people meddlers or gossipers. People who are getting involved in things they shouldn't get involved with, if you know what I mean).
               Count it a blessing when you suffer for being a Christian.
             This shows that God’s glorious Spirit is with you. 
                   15 But you deserve to suffer if you are a murderer, a thief,
             a crook, or a busybody.
  - 1 Peter 4:14-15

You know I learned my lesson about being a busy body earlier this week.  Then I had this as my devotional last night.  I'm sure I'll slip again, but I do hope I am reforming my ways.

So there, that is my muses from the week/weekend.  But today is Monday, so I have an entirely new slate to write my new thinkings. :)


  1. Oh that dip sounds good. Jason's deli makes a dip that I love, and this sounds like it might be close!

  2. I used to never use a dishwasher until we had kids for the same reasons. That dip sounds like it's from the debil just like nutella. ;)


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