Monday, September 16, 2013

It's My Birthday! :)

Today is my BIRTHDAY!  We don't make a big deal in my family about birthday as far as crazy expensive gifts and big parties.  But we do celebrate and me - I celebrate all month long! Granted, as I've gotten older I haven't been quite as into my special day as I once was, but I still believe in everything going perfect because - well, because it's my birthday!

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For several years I've tried to encourage people to do something to "pay it forward" somewhat in honor of my bday.  This year, I've asked folks to give to the USO.  Why? Well, for several reasons:

  • I have been a supporter of our military forever. These guys & gals are putting it on the line for me and my family - I gotta respect and support them for that. 
  • I have seen the USO in action. Been touched by their support of the troops. I know what it means, felt what it means to the troops and their families. 
  • It's an organization that supports the troops, cares for their children, helps troops stay in contact with their families, cares for wounded warriors - it's a multi-faceted organization. 

Interested in giving any amount - every dollar makes a difference!

Every penny matters.  And it's tax deductible and puts you in the drawing for one of my scrapbooks. :)  And it makes my birthday THAT much happier!  Just saying...

Now, today is also MONDAY, which is usually Monday Muses.  I laid in bed last night wondering what I should write about today.  Umm.. I came up with nothing.  This weekend was a whirlwind of being on the road and with family.  Visitation for a relative that passed on Friday, Saturday shopping and family get together that evening.  Sunday church and visiting my aunt (my uncle passed two weeks ago).  So it's been a wide-open kinda weekend.  

What about you? What's shaking in your world? Fill me in!


  1. Happy birthday, Beth! We're on vacation right now so you'll probably hear about that soon. I'll have an extra doughnut in celebration of your birthday tonight. :)

  2. I feel real accomplished on your birthday this year! I mean, I sent you a card and donated in time! Pretty awesome year for me. Haha! :)


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