Friday, May 18, 2012


Mom's retirement party was last night with more than 40 people coming out to wish her well in her new venture...babysitting! Mom decided to toss in the towel at the school and stay home to take care of Macy, Katie's baby-to-be. The surprise of the night is when they told mom she also receive Staff Member of the Year for her school! Whoo hoo, go mom!

 How cool is this? The art teacher at school painted this for mom, which is so MOM.  She loves the beach and spends lots of time picking up sea shells whenever we are down there. Perfect.

Mom showing off her gift from the school, a beautiful silver cuff with her initials. Her former principal came, too, which I thought was super nice. They worked together for many years.

Mom typed up her comments, a story about her elementary school she attended years ago.  The principal showed them what "Second to none" really meant, setting goals and expectations for her students, staff and herself. Mom spoke about her current school/workplace, how students have pride and want to come back to work or bring their children through this school.  Mom said her workplace/school is now "second to none," and can remain in this position through excellent leadership and striving for mean outstanding standards.
 Mom and one of her co-workers, Debbie. A Super nice lady! :)

Mom's sister, Ann, and mom.  Don't they look so much alike! It's a bit crazy how much all mom's family look like each other.

Many congrats to mom, who deserves this retirement.  She's such a hard worker with an outstanding work ethic and dedication to her job.  She's going to be a great babysitter for Katie/Macy, giving Katie a peace of mind knowing her baby girl is in very loving and capable hands!

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