Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to YoOoOooU!

Sunday we celebrated my Aunt Linda's birthday at mom's house.  Not sure how old she is, she's in her 50's but she's truly so much younger and always has been.  Yes, my aunt has CP.  She's not quite as spunky as she once was, but she can still tickle your funny bone.

Wonder why Linda has the giggles?  Because we were asking her about her boyfriend.  She gets that giggly when we talk about him.  Currently her main squeeze is Jason, who carries her tote bag to the van after work for her.  I think they went to the prom together - is that not the sweetest thing? 

These three are brothers and sister, Emily, Jeremy and JJ.  That little Emily is bad to the bone and will stand her ground against her older brothers.  Don't cross her! 

My niece, AH!  The hammock was definitely the center of their attention, including dumping half the kids out onto the metal stand below.  I told her my rule, "NO STITCHES!"

One of my newest cousins, Rylan.  He is fascinated with his FEET and plays with them all the time. 

I guess I took a million pictures of the kids and not many of the adults! HAHAHA! Can you tell my brain is focused on the coming of MACY! Can't wait. :)  Here, have a preggo sister picture, just because you know you like to see how far along she is: 

Ok, now I need to focus on something else, like the fact that today is WEDNESDAY, it's HUMP DAY, and we are almost to the halfway point in our work week. :)   Do the Cabbage Patch, get excited!

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