Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Party Time!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a morning of laziness since I had taken the day off from work.  At 9 a.m. I was still lolling about in bed, just being flat out lazy.  It was wonderful.

Once I did get moving, it was party time! Katie had a shower at school that I wanted to attend. I hopped in my car with an adorable present for Macy and headed into town. On the way to Katie's school, it occurred to me I needed a card for Donna's birthday party, which was just after the shower. Zipped into the drug store, found a cute one and a gift card to accompany my gift. 

As I headed to the checkout, I remembered I also needed reprints of a few pictures! Hop out of line and over to the photo kiosk.  

---rabbit trail---

Back in my college days, a required class for journalism students was Photo Journalism.  For my final project, I highlighted a small community in the country that had few markers to identify it as a cohesive community.  This general store and its owner was one of those things. In cleaning up this weekend I found the original prints from 15 years ago and scanned them in at the house. This is one of those shots that I had printed at the drug store for the family.  He passed away a few years ago and I thought they'd like to have them. (I love the combination of cigarettes and lollipops...)

---back on track--- 

After my drug store trip and a looooong wait in road construction traffic, I finally approached Katie's school... only to drive past it because I couldn't get into the parking lot due to parents! ARGH! I ended up grabbing to-go food and bringing it back.  

The school shower was super cute, lots of amazingly adorable things like a handmade white dress with a white "M" embroidered on the bloomers. Embroidered burp clothes for Sunday use that just make you want to tweak a child's cheeks and the baby isn't even here yet!  

Pictured is Katie and the teething blanket I bought from Amazon.  You wouldn't believe the amount of research I do on all the stuff I buy - and this received rave reviews from mamas.  I hope Macy likes it, too! :) 

After partying with the teachers, I headed to Donna's neck of the woods for a 37th birthday bash!  As is the Sartor custom, we all headed to a nice Japanese Steakhouse for some awesome vittles and celebrated another successful year for our friend, Donna.  We had three kids with us and I must say, they were precious. Behaved very well throughout the meal. 

 Ellie and Ella sharing secrets before dinner.  Ellie's shirt was a scratch-n-sniff of chocolate chip cookies, so that was MUCHO fun.

Donna in her decorated chef hat, which is their trademark for the restaurant.  When it's your birthday, they'll serve your fried rice with a candle. :)

Mel's birthday was the day before, so Donna insisted she also sit at the table with a huge hat on her head! Hee hee... I can't blame her at all.

Our three little munchkins - Ellie, Adam and Ella.  Aren't they adorable?  It really was a great day off from work, having family time and friend time. :)  

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