Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On the subject of Dogs...

Since we were discussing dogs anyway, I thought I'd share this ADORABLE picture of Bentley, my boss' dog.  Oh my gracious, so precious. He has the best disposition, just a sweetheart.  I love it when he visits our office because he's so friendly and sweet it just makes the entire office seem happier. 

Wanda invited us all to her office (oops.. I realize it seems we live there, but we don't. We were invited to her HOUSE!) to check out her new backyard that she and her husband have been working on for over a year now.  It was SO NICE.  I am so envious - would love to have my backyard landscaped to maximize the enjoyment. Not that I'll go outside much...but the thought is nice. 

This is the view as you pull up into the driveway. Love it already! 

The arbor and a welcoming pot of colorful flowers.  Everything is so cheerful! 

This is the main area and it's awesome.  Love the pergola, which was handmade by the owner and a friend. This wasn't a kit, this was custom!

My other favorite part is the fire pit in the arched back wall of the center area.  The gas lanterns make it even more cozy at night.  They really did a great job. 

So, I know it isn't the weekend and I know I haven't shared many "wants" with you, but I will be filing this under Weekend Wants because I WANT THIS! :)   Maybe one day... *sigh*  

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