Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preggo Sister... Shower Time!

Katie had another shower this weekend - my dad's side of the family.  Super sweet and nice shower with wonderful yummy food (the best part!). Check out the cake made by my aunt ... 

My cousins have "showered" my aunt with all kinds of CUTE crafty items featuring the grandkids feet print, hand prints and thumb prints. Adorable items that I plan on copying for my own needs, muahahahaha!

See their hand prints on the vase? On the one side, they used the baby's feet to make a butterfly! I love it! What a great idea.

This platter is made from three of the children's feet print and the bottom says, "We love horsin' around at Nana's!"  I love it, I wish we were horse people so that would make sense for our family... Darn. So I'll be googling cute painting ideas to create with Macy. 

Sorry, I got distracted from the shower.  Here are some cute shower pictures... 

 Aunt Peggy, Logan, Maddie, and my mom

Aunt Judy, Kim, Peggy and Logan

Katie and Maddie.  Logan and Maddie are twins, Peggy is their "Nana." That would be their feet print featured in the horses platter.
 Maddie, Mom, Katie and Logan.  Katie had several "helpers" in opening presents. 

 Maddie, Katie and Logan read "Pete the Cat," my gift to her. I LOVE PETE THE CAT!

 Mom showing the girls a Peter the Rabbit pop-up book. 

 I love this picture of the girls - about the only smile I could get from Logan!

 My newest cousin, Lily Claire! 

Katie and Mom just before we left.  It was an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday.

One of the best blessings I always thank God for is my family.  My immediate family, who I am SOOOO thankful for, and my extended family, too. I have a family tree full of "good peeps!"  I'll share mom's family tomorrow, as we had a birthday party for my Aunt Linda this weekend, too!  I'm telling you, it was an action packed WEEK of events! 

Happy Tuesday! :)  Come back tomorrow for more family fun!

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