Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As the Belly Grows...

If you have followed this blog at all, you know I'm very excited about my niece-to-be.  Watching my sister's tummy grow week by week (heck, sometimes hour by hour!) has just been a total trip to see. Especially since I'm not having to deal with it myself, I can just look at her and think how cute she is. Hee hee!

I did promise some new pictures - so here they are! :) 

Our aunt Brenda was in town this weekend and sent Macy's gift through my mom.  A super special gift - a doll made by our grandmother! Katie lives in grandma's house and we grew up living on the same driveway, just behind her house.  She was an incredibly special person and this gift really meant the world to Katie, I'm sure.

Do you see this precious baby doll?  Her body is pink with white stripes, her hair blonde like Katie's was when she was little. The white eyelet dress is just too cute for words.  Her face is embroidered on by my mother! She and grandma would make these doll as a team.

I have secretly named the baby Matilda, since this is the nickname Dad has given to Macy. :)

I just love taking pictures of Katie's belly. I tell her, "Stick that belly out there, girl!" but she doesn't find that amusing.  She said she asked Roger if her dress on Sunday morning made her look pregnant. He basically told her... you are pregnant. So yes. Above she is pictured with mom, the proud Memaw!

And here she is with me! The very proud AUNT BETHIE! Yay! One of the greatest blessings the Lord has given to me is my family, including both my in-laws, my niece, and my niece to be.  I am so thankful for my family!

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