Thursday, December 4, 2014

Halloween...& Thanksgiving!

So yes, this is a Halloween update after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas! So don't judge me too harshly. I realized I didn't post pics of the fairy princess Macy and our cousin, Chase from Paw Patrol.

Rylan (I mean, Chase!) and his daddy (my first cousin).
 I'm pretty tickled that at this age you can get away with pretty much anything. So it wasn't fancy, but that's totally cool when you are two. And it was cold outside, she was half sick, Halloween was just not the best day for us in general. We debated the trick-or-treating deal because there is no where to trick-or-treat in the boonies. But thankfully a local church held a trunk-or-treat for the first time and it was perfect.

We have horrible photos from Halloween. I'm not sure how I'm going to add this to my scrapbook because honestly, they are rough looking. But oh well, it is just how life goes sometimes.  (Funny story, one of the people in the line up dressed like a monkey and gave out bananas - Macy's favortie!)

Let's move on to Thanksgiving, where I still didn't get many good photos, but I managed to snap a few.

 My sister and her husband

 My brother and his wife

 My cousin's hubby and their son and my brother and niece
All the kids want to swing!

 The boys are brothers, Macy in the middle

 Becca and the boys

 Meghan is due in 10 days and her son Rylan

Wade (my cousin - Becca's brother) and Rylan. 
He's married to Meghan and Wade has a twin, Josh, who couldn't make it 
to Thanksgiving, but will be home for Christmas! 

 Whenever Sweet Niece #1 comes home, Macy refuses to let her go.
She definitely gets the rock star treatment from little niece. 

 You know my mom is one of 12, right? Here is part of the crew: 
Brenda, Mom, Linda and Ann

My sister and her family.  This will be part of the Christmas Card

So Thanksgiving involved over 25 people or so with a ton of food. Our Thanksgiving isn't the tablescapes with place settings and elaborate decor like you see on tv commercials. It's more of a line-the-counter-with-an-abundance-of-food, grab-your-plates-and-fill-them-up, find-a-place-on-the-couch-or-on-the-porch, you know the deal.  So good. So much to be thankful for, ain't that the truth.

Now that those two holidays are in the past, time is marching forward to Christmas. I'm so thankful I'm almost done. Now it's time to wait for presents to appear at the office, where I'm having everything delivered. Love it. I've totally overspent and I wonder what on earth went wrong in my head as I just kept buying stuff for people. But I love finding things I think they'll love, so it just finds its way into my "cart" and CLICK, it's coming to the office any day now. 

*sigh*  Family is my downfall, what can I say? 

Ok ya'll, I hope you are enjoying the holidays and not totally stressing yourselves out. 

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