Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year?

I wanted to do a look back post - maybe after the new year when things are more settled. Hard to do from a phone ;)

Yesterday I got up at 4 am, out the door at 5 and at the hospital by 6. My brother-in-law had back surgery, some serious stuff. Things went very well. We are soooooo thankful. So many prayers went up and we are so very appreciative. 

Right after we got there, a family claimed the corner and I immediately became wary. My instincts were right- they were that loud group that had no consideration for anyone else. No effort to speak soft or not laugh so loud. We moved to try and distance ourselves but It didn't work. 

So we were with them from 6 am until 6:00 pm.  I know I wanted to cry at one point. Katie wanted to hit one girl. And she was really the ring leader - the family jester holding court. My mom, who is usually telling us to stop complaining, looked up and said - she talks non-stop. She never quits. Nope. About her job. Her husband cleaning out the car and not under the seats. How to clean out your car when you park at home. This great earring holder she found in the gift shop. It came in blue but she really wanted pink! And the rain boots were 25% off! 

Now I realize people handle stress in different ways. But seriously. I remember being in a waiting room and laughing in my normal obnoxious voice and my mother told me to tone it down. I learned from that and am concious of the grief and stress others are experiencing. 

Ok enough of that. So after talking to the dr, you feel better. And I liked this doc a lot. So we spoke to him at 1:15 and understood our boy could be in recovery for up to two hours. That would be 3:15. We waited. Yup. We waited. 

Eventually they tell us there is no rooms available and smuggle Katie back to prove Rog is ok but she can't stay. He's in an area where people are still coming out of surgery to recover. He is beyond this stage but stuck due to no rooms. Pre-op is also full with people waiting. 

6:00 pm we finally get a room! Hooray! I plan on checking into what the heck went wrong wih this back up. One of the nurses said they take all these last minute people trying to beat the insurance and don't consider how many beds they have. Grrrrrrr....

Anyway he's in a room. Hopefully last night went ok.  I thankfully talked to Donna the whole way home to stay awake. Got home, gave Macy a bath, ate and crashed. Soooo tired. 

And today, New Years Eve, I'm heading back up to check on the family and partying with the cutest two-year-old when I get home!!! :)

I'm sure you realize this is just a dump of all things yesterday. We are very blessed. There were things that could have gone wrong and God watched out for us. I prayed and prayed (along with lots of others) that He guide the surgeon's hands and be with all the medical personnel. So thankful. 

And I probably failed a Test of tolerance and love with that family. I guess y'all now know I'm not perfect. I do know at the end their person was doing ok but having a few issues. I hope he is doing well now. 

Ok y'all, let me get moving before I fall back asleep. Thanks for continued prayers. Recovery is going to be months. So please pray. And have a great ball drop tonight and celebrate a New Year! 

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  1. Beth, I'm glad to hear your brother-in-law had a successful surgery. Sometimes it takes all we have to just tolerate each other when in stressful situations. You did well to stay calm. Rebekah and I watched the ball drop from her hospital room with baby Hollis. A new year I'll never forget. ;) Hope you are doing well and that 2015 is a year filled with blessing and love!


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