Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday letters

Y'all know it's always something .... Today it was confirmed my brother-in-law has the flu. And my sister thinks she may be getting it, too. Baby Sweet Niece is with my parents knight for a "slumber party."  She's cried all day wanting her daddy. At one point I was crying with her because she was so pitiful. So yes, I've lost my marbles.

But let's look at my Friday Letters before I bawl again. :). 

Dear Ellie Bellie, you are a sweetie and I enjoyed seeing you last week or was it last weekend? Either way, you brighten my day! Why is your aunt Donna letting you grow up on us??? 

Dear friends in general, I'm so thankful for you and glad I'm able to spend some time wih you. Dinner with Sara (above), lunch with Corree, run in wih Martha Jean and Kathy, dinner with Donna and Ellie, devotionals with Paulene, letters from Raynore and Melissa is week after next! Loving it!!

Dear Sharon, I love Macy's scarf and hat. And she loves the baby doll blanket! And once the elf is found, he'll enjoy his scarf! 

Sweet niece #2, seeing your excitement for Christmas is adorable. Granted you've said you are asking Santa for corn on the cob, a puppy, an a hug. If that don't melt his heart, he's not the real Santa. Sweet Niece #1: be ready for a seriously packed weekend next week! Gear up and get excited!! 

Dear Paulene, we have got to get back on track with Job. We must get through this book! 

Ok folks,  wiped out and ready to see sleep. I hope your weekends are going great!  Night! 

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  1. Did they get a flu shot? I'm totally bummed to find out it's not going to be very effective.


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