Thursday, December 18, 2014

Run Faster! Catch Up With Life!

I feel like life is leaving me behind and I'm running after it, so excuse the randomness that will be this posting. :)

Saturday was an adventure of Macy in Wal-Mart.  We actually had a VERY good time. We went early so it wasn't as crowded and she ran up and down and up and down pretty much every aisle of the store.  Made it interesting to attempt shopping while keeping up with her.  The highlights of the trip: her hugging the bag of marshmallows like a treasured baby doll for at least 3/4 of the trip.  Visiting the pre-lit Christmas trees and petting every one.

...And accidentally running into Santa.  I didn't even see the man there until Macy started jumping up and down, chanting, "Santa! Santa! Santa!"  Oh my, she was star struck.  She told him how she wrote him a letter last night and blew him a kiss.  It's ok that Santa resembled one of Duck Dynasty's cousins... he did a great job with her.

I hate her mama wasn't with me to see it, but she was at the doctor. Because, you know, every sickness passing through our neck of the woods attacks our family.

Anyway, Sunday I loaded the two Sweet Nieces up and headed to church for Sunday School because I was NOT missing another Sunday of the Christmas Story in detail.  So glad I managed to get there, but didn't stay for preaching.  Everyone else was SICK, so we packed it up and went back home.

Celebrated Katie's birthday, where she finally opened the canvas photos I had made for her! They look SO GOOD.  I'm glad she liked them - I'll get pics and post/review those two companies soon. CanvasOnDemand and EasyCanvas.

Sunday night I kept baby sweet niece while Sweet Niece #1 went back to her mom's house. Can I tell you how bad I am - I let her fall asleep. EEIK! I didn't mean for that to happen! I'm fired as babysitter for sure.

Monday - work work work.  Tuesday - work work work. Wednesday - took off to take care of baby sweet niece, since Dad had a dr appointment, Mom had another steroids shot (please pray for her neck), and the babysitter had the flu.  We had a BALL.

Do they come any cuter than this?? I don't think so!

Every hug needs a kiss, right?

Called Uncle Clay to come have lunch with us and she wrapped him up around her little pinky.  She was so good all day - I'm so thankful.  I love moments like this, treasures to store up.  (How responsible am I as an aunt, I went a bought a bib to keep her new shirt clean! uh-huh, I'm good!)

So I don't think I told ya'll that a sweet kitten adopted me! Or if I did tell you, just pretend to be excited about it.  She showed up, totally claimed me, hopped up on my lap - she's got me wrapped. I've named her Noelle and I think she's adorable.  An outside kitten right now, but maybe she'll make her way in the house. I need to do a vet check first, but holy cow, it's only CHRISTMASTIME so that might just have to wait.  But I'm happy with her.

Let's not even get me talking about the medical company that charged my entire remaining bill on my debit card this week, completely without my permission.  Seriously? The week before Christmas and, of course, it takes 3-5 business days to reappear on my card.  So it has the potential to get wrapped up in Christmas, which pushes it into the week after Christmas. Really? *sigh*

But ya'll, blessings abound in my family.  We've gotten good news on my dad twice now, my mom's shot is hopefully helping her neck AND she agreed to buy a turkey from a catering company.  We have so many things to be thankful for, so let's all CHEER! :)

Holy cow this turned into a novel. Sorry about that. Just happy to share some happiness.  Especially at a time where the holly jolly-ness of the holidays is running a little thin and we are all feeling squeezed by the pressure to have the perfect holiday, right? This holiday, ya'll, it is perfect.  It is - perfectly beautiful, brought to you by the most amazing miracle birth of a baby savior.  It's beautiful, so shrug off the man-made stress and send up a word of Thanks for the lovely miracle given to us from God.  :)

And on that note, I'll hush! Merry Christmas, ya'll!


  1. My goodness you have been busy! I'm glad to see that there is another kitty cat in your life!

  2. I hope you all are WELL for Christmas. Ethan and I are struggling with a nasty cold, but all's good. I thought Macy was sporting a scarf in that photo! Cheering with you and celebrating the best gift ever given. Hugs.


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