Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Late Thanksgiving

Good early Black Friday morning! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving together yesterday. We feasted on three meats, a ton of veggies, and so many desserts it made your teeth ache. Man, it was some good eating.

I've never been a huge fan Of Thanksgiving, but with every year I get older I understand it a bit more. It's all about the blessings. 

As I spoke to my aunt, we remembered the last several:  two Thanksgivings ago, my Dad was starting his treatments for bladder cancer. Last year we celebrated that he was cancer free for the moment. 

This year, her family has experienced some very difficult times, including almost losing my cousin due to childbirth complications, among several other things. My sister had emergency surgery that scared the stuffings out of us. I was sick with an unknown issue that resulted in close to a dozen dr appointments and endless tests. So we've seen some fear and stress. But God never left our side and loved us through every moment. If one thing has changed this year, it's a stronger faith for many of us. 

Not too long ago- a year maybe two- I was in a financial mess. I tried to cover all the bills but there wasn't enough money to go around. At the end of the month, I had $33 to buy clothing, go out to eat, buy stamps, buy birthday presents, etc. it was tight. 

My sister came over for a visit and as she was leaving I walked out on the porch with her and sat in my glider.  I heard an odd noise but thought nothing of it. She kept looking at the glider with a puzzled look and finally came up on the porch and pointed to a plain white envelope stuck in the arm of the glider. 

It was weathered. Had been rained on and dried, the flap was halfway peeled up. It had been there for a while. Inside was a $100 bill. Yes, I was a bit freaked out and no one would claim responsibility for doing it. Everyone said they weren't crazy enough to leave money where the wind could blow it away. But here was an answer to a prayer. 

My sister and I have talked about how things will happen like that. They'll have a random surplus of money and it's the exact amount someone needs to pay an unexpected bill. Or they'll receive a random return where they over paid and it will cover some need. 

God is good. He loves us and wants to take care of us. We sometimes need reminders that He's in control and when we begin thinking we are running the show is often when He'll remind us we aren't. Then we come to Him asking to help :) it reminds me so much of Macy. She's at that stage when she can do it herself. But the first sign of struggle she's coming back to one of her loved ones asking for help and comfort. 

I know this is a ramble and I'm sorry about that. Blame it on the food coma that has my brain floating in gravy. Hugs to you, hope you are still feeling the Thankful this morning and have a great Black Friday. :)


  1. This made me immediately think of James 1:2-4.
    Count it all joy; the testing of your faith produces perseverance, etc.

    Glad this Thanksgiving was a good one.

  2. It sounds like this was a good Thanksgiving. What a story with that $100!


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