Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monday Muses... or Not.

So, I'm a wee bit late on this, but I do have a reason.

This weekend/end-of-last-week-beginning-of-this-week has been another adventure for me and the fam.  First let me say, I put stuff here with emphasis on the drama to entertain, but I totally realize how blessed I am.  Wonderfully blessed!

So on to my life.

Last week was busy. I had events on the road. Did a bit of driving/riding for work over three days. Visited with friends for dinner (Donna, Sister Beth and Ellie - always fun!).  Rode with Dad to visit my uncle in the hospital.  Life is so uncertain from moment to moment, even though we like to think we have it all in control.  We SO do not. If you are a praying person, please add my uncle to your prayer list.

Saturday drove an hour and a half or so to see my friend Paulene, which is awesome.

Paulene is a super cheerleader to me. Inspiring, so talented and smart, so creative and forward-thinking. She has it going on big time. She just doesn't realize it most of the time... but seriously, a great encourager.  Check out her shop, Leen Machine, a modern stationary and invitation shop. Love her line of stationary.

Sunday, I will admit, we skipped church to go on an all-girls picnic!  My sister, Sweet Niece #1, Sweet Niece #2, my S-I-L and I all gathered at the park for BBQ sandwiches, fresh fruit, and great family time.

Sweet Niece #1, S-I-L, Sweet Niece #2

Sweet Niece #2, Sis, and Sweet Niece #1

The Sweet Sisters together
It was a perfect beautiful day. The temperature was just right, we had no bugs bothering us, no person bothered us - just a great day.  We were concerned when we saw envelopes about surviving an Zombie Apocalypse on one of the benches, but it seems the zombie war happened before we got there. Thank heavens.

Monday I was off work to watch Sweet Niece #2 while Mom & Dad went to the DR and to visit my uncle. That night, Mom fell and broke her foot. Tuesday, I watched Sweet Niece #2 while Mom went to the DR for her foot.

Today, I'm back at work. I'm in dire need of a break because babies are exhausting! Holy cow, that's hard work.  And I needed to do my homework for Financial Peace University since that started last week.  Tonight is class #2, so I needed to not show up already behind. Seriously.

So there is my life.  No muses. I'm just too tired to try and come up with what I'm thinking. As my Dad has been saying the past six months, "We are in survival mode." Yes we are.

BUT - GOD IS AWESOME. And I don't want that fact to be lost. Because Mom's break could have been SO MUCH WORSE. And things with my uncle could be worse. I'm getting my financial life in order and that is such a BLESSING.  I'm good, I'm happy. I have a wonderful family and I love them dearly. I have a great work place that picked up everything and covered for me at the drop of a hat. That's awesome, ya'll, that's awesome.

So someone tell me what you are up to? Share something good, something funny, something about Big Brother or Downton Abbey? :)


  1. Looks like you've got a lot going on! I can never get over how cute your nieces are. Hope all the medical issues clear up soon. That's never fun. :(

    Also, I can't wait for some new Downton Abbey! Woo!

  2. I said a prayer for your uncle. I hope your mama recovers quickly.

    What's the age difference in your nieces? They are so cute! My two older kids were 13 and 10 when Ethan was born.

    I love Downton Abbey, too.


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