Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Letters.

Dear week, so you've kicked my booty a little bit, but that's OK. I'm still standing and ready for round two (or three or four, whatever round we are on at this point).

We visited the office one morning... 
Dear Macy, Girl, I had NO IDEA how tough it was to keep up with a 14-month-old until this week! Work was a welcome break from chasing after you! But I cherish these days because you are so precious, innocent, loving, sweet and I won't have many other days like these to spend 10 hours with you at once. So blessed. I loved every moment (except possibly the stinky diapers!). 

Dear Praying People, please keep my uncle in your prayers. He is a dear uncle to me, my dad's brother, really funny, kind-hearted, he always asks me, "How's my girl?" when he sees me. I always get a huge hug.  I want those days back and hope he'll be recovered soon. But that day doesn't seem like today, so please pray.  Many thanks. 

image from Kohls Cares
Dear Kohls, you put Joey from "Pouch" in your Kohl's Cares line up of stuffed animals for $5.  Can I tell you how totally awesome you are for that? Macy LOVES that book and loves the stuffed Joey kangaroo I got for her.  She kisses it and loves on it, carries it all over the place and shouts, "POUCH!" whenever she sees it.  Best $5 I have ever spent. Thanks for making it SAFE and AFFORDABLE!

Dear Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University,  *sigh*  Ok, so this free spirit totally didn't want to fess up to where her money was going. So, now I have to and I don't like what I see.  Thanks for the reality check and here's to better decision making in the future. 

Ok, I'm out for the weekend. See ya'll on Monday. Hugs and Love! 

PS - my birth month begins on September 1 ... I'm just saying ... 

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