Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday and OH MY GOSH, thank you for a weekend. I needed one of those. Onward to the letter:

Dear Hello Kitty, you make my daily office life so much happier. Your precious bow and happy pink color just make my day a little bit better. Thank you.

Dear Mother Nature,  Not sure what PMS wave you are currently surfing, but we've seen just about every season this week.  I'm 100% done with all this rain, by the way, so some nice, peaceful, blue skies and soft breeze autumn days would be great.  Just a simple request. 

Dear Macy, you are growing and learning, just becoming such a "little girl" instead of a "baby girl."  I am amazed at your vocabulary, you learn a new word every single day.  I love how you will finish the Pete the Cat book when I read it to you.  How you say "Shew Wee" when you get your diaper changed. And you chant, "EAT EAT EAT" constantly!  You make my day. 

Dear weekend, you are bringing me a few days of friend-fun, and I just can't wait to catch up with my peeps!  At the same time, I'm concerned for a family member in the hospital with some serious injuries, and I'm praying SO HARD that he'll be ok.  Say a prayer with me?  I appreciate it. 


  1. Cute calculator! :) Hope your family member will be OK!

  2. I second the weather letter. She's precious. Praying for your family member.


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