Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Muse.

Have you noticed that those things that annoy the HECK out of you are things that usually show up in yourself?  No really, I've heard that a million times, but this weekend I was grousing in my head about someone and their tendency to do XYZ.

Then I realized, oh...well, I've done that, too, but it was different when I did because... ABC. As I continued to the grousing and justification, I just had to laugh before it was all over. Because what I had done and what this other person had done really aren't different at all. No way to justify.

Isn't it interesting when you come to a realization like this? Yeah...


I discovered this weekend why movie theaters shouldn't sell beer.  Drunk people in movies are funny but distracting. But again, they are funny.


Sadly, that same night, I overheard our waitress tell someone she thinks her kids should only have to go to school for six months. It wasn't fair them going to school for nine and then off for only 2.5.  I'm not sure where the other half month went, ... holidays?


This sweet baby girl went on vacay with her family this weekend - I haven't seen her since THURSDAY! This is totally unacceptable. Can't wait to get home and snuggle on her tonight.

Ok folks, there are your Monday Muses.  I hope your week is FABULOUS! :)


  1. Why would someone only want their kids to go to school for six months? Strange!

  2. Beer at football games is annoying for the same reasons. Hope you were able to snuggle with your sweet niece!


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