Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wandering Wednesdays.

Wander along with me through the back roads of my countryside, as I'm driving to and from work.

My foggy morning drive earlier this week.  I love looking at this hill ahead of me. I'm not sure why, but it just looks like fun to me.

Maybe I've already shared this one before? Who knows, but it's a nice sunrise on my way to work one morning. Same highway ... just a different stretch of road. I basically hop on a side road, then a main road and follow it all the way into work.

Thunderstorm is a'brewing, as you can see in the haziness here.  We've had a few storms come through this summer already - thankfully nothing that has knocked the grit off my shingles, requiring a new roof job. One summer a few years back I wondered why we bothered putting more shingles up until Autumn.

Believe it or not, more of the same highway.  My aunt's house is just ahead on the left (I'm pretty sure that's the stretch of road I'm looking at!)  I love puffy clouds in the sky. It makes me very happy.

Maybe I'll have something more exciting for you later this week.  I make no bets since I'm taking a break from work and enjoying 1) sleep 2) getting my house in order and 3) my wonderful nieces!  

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love wandering road shots! Every time I am in the car on a road trip, I want to snap pics through the windshield.

  2. Me too! Well, obviously. I think it helps me appreciate nature. :)


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