Monday, June 25, 2012

Muffin Monday

Back to having Muffin as the center of attention on Mondays. Granted, it's late today, but my morning was spent snuggling that sweet new niece of mine.  To explain Muffin in this picture, this is what happens when the towel falls off the rack and into the floor - it is claimed by one large kitten.  *sigh* I couldn't fuss, it was my fault, after all.

With all the excitement, I didn't post pictures of my other niece, AH, and her dance recital. Let me tell you, she was adorable in some of these costumes! And her ballet was out of sight. She was so graceful. With her height, beautiful hair and long arms/legs, she was just so pretty up there on stage.

I loved this costume. It was to the song, "Cooties," which if you'll remember, has the "Circle, circle, dot dot dot, Now I've got my cooties shot!" LOL. But this was super cute with all the tassel things flapping around.

I didn't get many of the rest of her songs because I finally figured out how to VIDEO them.  I could watch the ballet one (seen above) over and over. I have to give her dance place credit for some cute outfits that cover the kids but work well with the music.

This is Tutti Fruiti (Looks like Tutti Fruiti, doesn't it!)  It was a tap dance routine. She was telling me how they messed up or something but I couldn't tell it.  I loved the double ponytails they are sporting this year. It just seemed to fit with every one of her dances.

I think she had two more?  Once or twice I would get lost in watching her and forget to take pictures, oops! I'm so proud of her. She's so smart, quick witted and just a joy. :)

I had to share this picture of Ellie Bellie wearing the dress I bought for her birthday from Zulily.  Donna sent me this and I thought she was just too adorable.

I caught up with them this weekend. Ellie cracked me up when she messed up and called me "Aunt Friend Beth."  My name in that household is "Friend Beth" because Ellie's mom is also a Beth. Years ago, Donna's grandmother named me Friend Beth and the other was Sister Beth.  It's stuck for the past, heck 15 years? So now I'm Aunt Friend Beth. :)  Love it.

Happy last week of June, my friends! Enjoy it, this summer is zipping right by us!

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