Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Powerful Prayers.

Please understand, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

"Our Little Blessing" quilt is Here
My sister, who has been blessed with pregnancy - something we didn't think would easily happen - she's been through all heck and back. It's just been ... how can I even describe the drama that followed every step of this path for her? Every doctor's appointment revealed another issue that "isn't normal but isn't unheard of."  At one point, I wanted to call random doctor #WHATEVER PICK A NUMBER and ask - a combination of these issues, has that ever been heard of? Just checking, thanks. 

It's tough. It's tough to stand on the sidelines and know there is nothing you can do to physically make things different. It hurts to see her hurt. 

The disregard from some around you, that hurts, too.  This dismissal attitude to your problems, your worries and your concerns or the ever-present experts that don't really care what is happening, they just want to impart their wealth of self-perceived knowledge about any and all subjects. Heaven help me, I'm just tired of dealing with it.  I can't image all the "friendly advice" (please note my QUOTES on THAT statement) Katie has received. I'm really not sure how she's put up with it all. 

However, one group of five people have been total PRAYER WARRIORS  PEEPS through the entire ordeal. I'm actually a bit saddened to see them disperse from the Prayer Peep team once Macy makes her appearance.  They haven't questioned my alarm, my concern, my fears.  They have just prayed. When I sent up a flare for help, they prayed. Without question and with love. There is no way I can express my gratitude for them. Absolute acceptance and love. It's amazing. 

Greater than this is the knowledge God has heard every prayer, seen every tear, touched every bowed head and blessed every person involved in this one precious birth.  He knows exactly what is going on and is in total control of the entire process.  Sometimes it's easy to be caught up in the drama and the momentary issues, but the reality is that God is always right there.  These Prayer Peeps and their unwavering faith, their total acceptance - they have shown me a Godly example here on earth. It's beautiful. 

That is the greatest blessing of all. Becoming closer to God. :)  And Macy is a great side benefit, too! 

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