Monday, June 4, 2012

Muffin Monday

Sleepy Muffin. This cat snores like nothing I've ever heard before. Poor sleepy kitten...

How many hours of sleep do cats need? I think Muffin is fulfilling her quota. Ha ha!

So this weekend was eventful. Too many events crammed in one weekend, ending with Katie visiting urgent care after spraining her ankle. Thankfully, she didn't land on her stomach and injury Macy. They did have to xray, which I was worried about with the baby, but I'm just praying everything is ok.

I sent out a quick message to the prayer peeps. It was such a good feeling to immediately hear back that they were praying. I must say, this ordeal has shown me the power of God and prayer.

Hopefully this week will be a good one from here on out. I'm wishing good things for all of you!
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  1. Oh, I hope this week is better!

  2. Thank you, Pam!! The sentiments are GREATLY appreciated.


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