Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Passing Down History.

Yesterday, as I was trying my hand at a batch of chili for the hot dogs, the feeling of family connections washed over me in waves.  I was using my Grandmother's cast iron frying pan, one that cooked up many a meal for my dad's family over the years. I thought of my grandmother, a tall lady like myself at almost 6 feet tall, standing at a stove making sausage gravy for the kids in the morning to smoother a batch of fresh made biscuits or frying up potatoes for her family in the evening to go along side some chicken.

How many meals had been made in this one frying pan - and how many more will be made at my hand?

It's so utilitarian - a black cast iron frying pan. Funny that this is what I should become attached to or think of in terms of family history.  Of things being passed down to me from my grandmother. 

I never got to meet her. She passed away well before I was ever born. But I felt a connection with her in an odd way, on the Fourth of July, as we prepared to come together as a family to celebrate the holiday. I'd like to think she's smiling down from Heaven as I continue the family cooking traditions in her old skillet.

PS - my chili only turned out so so - if you have a good recipe, please share!

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  1. I know what ya mean! I recently acquired one of my grandmother's cast iron frying pans and I feel such connection when I'm using it. I can't help but think of all of the meals prepared, and with much more skill than I have. I can only hope that this one will continue to my grandchildren and beyond!


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