Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Become Your Dream.

Print available here.

I like this. So action oriented with a definite plan of action. It says, "I'm not just plopped down in my window seat hoping that my elusive dreams will fall from the sky into my lap."

No, this is saying, "I'm pulling out my tools, developing my skills and talents and golly gee willikars, I'm going to blow up this helium balloon and TAKE FLIGHT!" 

See the difference? 

Anyway, That's what's I'm doing. I've pulled out my tools, experiences, skills and talents and I've gone for my dream.  Now, just because you go for it, doesn't mean that dream is meant for you.  And that's ok, too. I tend to believe if you are denied what you believe to be your dream, there must be another plan for you that is greater than what you imagined for yourself.  Doesn't that sound nice? I think so, too.

Prints available here.
And while it sounds nice and I like this concept:  She believed she could so she did!, it's not honest or realistic.

HOWEVER, I do believe more opportunities are lost because they weren't tried for or "seized" in the first place.  If you don't try, you are definitely not going to attain your dreams.

EVERY SINGLE TIME you try for your dreams, I promise you will gain something from the experience. *If you are a person who allows yourself to learn from experiences...*  If you are a blamer, you'll never learn anything.

So, I'm trying to become my dream. And maybe it will work out in the way I think I want it to, and maybe there is a bigger, brighter plan in the works for me that I have no clue is there! Which is exciting, too!

I'll let you know how it all works out - whether you want to know about it or not! :)

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