Sunday, July 17, 2011

Darling Princess.

Her crown princess, Ellie
I have had the honor of spending time in presence of the most DARLING PRINCESS, Ellie! What a cutie and what a trip. She's at the stage where everything is a question. Why? and What...? (What kind of raccoon, Why do I have to sit down, etc) - these are the questions from Ellie Bellie. But some of the stuff she comes up with is HILARIOUS. Like yesterday, we all piled in to the car to go to a downtown festival - with plans to enjoy cotton candy and rides. When I got there, they were packing everything up! All the rides were broken down, the street completely clear of vendors. Oops. 

Sister Beth (Ellie's mom) asked her,
"Ellie, do you have a plan B?"
Of course Ellie answers, "Yes, I have a plan B."   
"Oh you do? What is your plan B."
"I have a plan B but there's nothing in it!"

HAHAHAHAHA! She has a plan B, but there's nothing in it. Too cute. So we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. My first Chuck E. Cheese experience. Interesting place. I can't say I wouldn't go back, because it was more fun than I expected. Ellie is old enough now (age 3) to play some of the games and enjoy the rides.  And pick out her own skee ball ticket items, which included a bag of cotton candy, Nerds, and an activity book. She's a big spender!

Pic 1 - Ellie completely fascinated by the lights. We ended up ditching this game because you didn't get enough tickets for the effort. 

Pic 2 - From the day at the Schiele Museum. Ellie giving Aunt Donna a kiss. Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? I thought so. Just adorable.  Aunt Donna doesn't know this yet, but using an app on my Droid, I have turned this into a postcard and it's hopefully on the way to her house! :)

Watching her grow up is a total delight. Seeing the changes, the development, her personality - I'm so blessed to have this opportunity! :)

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