Monday, July 11, 2011

Muffin Monday. And Ellie! And FAMILY! Woo Hoo!

Muffin Monday is a bit blurry this morning... and a bit late. :)  Go figure, just like real life! ha ha. This is what happens when you try to take a picture of an unhappy squirming cat - you chop off half of her head and get half of your own in the pic! :) 

My weekend was wonderful and I just had to share a few pictures with you.  Saturday morning, instead of going to sleep after work Gary met me for breakfast. It was really nice to see him on an "off" day.  After spending the morning with him, I met Donna and Ellie for an adventure at The Shiele Museum in Gastonia, NC.

Ellie conquers the rock! Don't you love her mining hat? The lights MUST be turned on in order for her climb.
But isn't she the cutest little climber ever?  

Aunt Donna and Ellie. Every time you mention "Skunks" in front of Ellie, this is what she does.
Places her hand over her nose and says, "Stinky Skunk." It's HILARIOUS!

Wild Child playing in the tepee at the gift shop.

Here Ellie points out to us the glittery gemstones. It's funny because everything must have
an adjective associated with it. Friendly raccoons, stinky skunks, slimy snakes, etc etc.
Ellie and her snake, Sarah.  Everything is named Sarah these days.

She is just too cute. TOO CUTE! As Gary says, she's so cute she's dangerous. :)  I agree.

On to the second part of the weekend - my older brother turned FORTY!!! Holy cow, Batman, I have an old man for a brother now!  We got together with all of our family and his wife's parents and niece. It was really nice to have everyone together and enjoying some really great food from the grill. I gotta say, for an old man, my brother can really grill up some more tasty food. YUM YUM.

Clay with one of his cards. He gets just as big a kick out of cards as he does presents.

Angela and Zowie, which is her mom's dog. Although she has one almost identical!

Katie and Chloe Bella (Angela's dog!)

Chloe peeping through the back of the chair
Yes, I know, I have more pictures of the dog than I do of the people. :)  But the dogs are so cute! We really did have a great evening together as one big happy family.  Even though we live close together, I really don't get to see Clay and Angela often. Nice visit.

Ya'll have a most wonderful second week of July!! Can't believe the summer is zooming right by us so take time to enjoy the hot and humid weather before Jack Frost comes through and has us begging for warmth!

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