Friday, July 8, 2011

Muffin Mornings.

This morning, at about 5 something a.m., I turned on the lamp on my nightstand and discovered THIS lying in the floor beside the bed. As soon as I switched the light on, she immediately begins PURRING, like she's tickled pink to finally have me awake.

Not that she got up and moved, mind you.  No, that didn't happen until I ran water in the bath tub. She managed to haul herself up for the chance at fresh bath water. 

*shakes head* I don't understand her. But I'm happy to have her. :)

If I remember to link this up tomorrow, it will be part of my Weekend Cat Blogging!  :)  I so rarely blog on the weekends so I don't get a chance to link up. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll remember!

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