Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday's Letters

Good Morning, Friends! It's actually Saturday, six something in the morning, and I realized I didn't post my letters for the week. Bad Bethie. I was so excited to see Shrek the Musical with friends that I completely forgot. Heck, I was so excited to see friends because I haven't seen anyone outside of work and family for about a month?? Crazy. Anyway, shall we start?

Dear hay ride, so ok, you didn't have hay, a tractor, or a trailer, but to a two year old the back of a truck is just as good. Well keep calling you hay ride, because you make baby niece happy. Not sure truck ride would be as amazing to her ...

Dear Baby Gates, you are a total cutie and such a sweetie!  Snuggled into my mama-your great aunt- and totally made her day. Then you woke up and took a bottle from Macy! Ok the two of you stole my heart. 

Dear Mama, you are so good with Little Miss. She learns so much from you because you are willing to take time and teach her. And I know it adds to your work to have a toddler in the kitchen, tossing flour in the air as she says, "It's snowing!!!"  You are the best grandma ever. 

Dear Ellie Bellie, I have missed you! I haven't seen you in a month of Sundays! You did so well in the play - I think you like the movie. We'll have to see if we can find it. Because I think you missed the part about Fiona becoming an ogre ... It was a little too late for you :) ZZZZzzzz...

Dear Limestone Theater Dept and Gaffney Little Theater, Bravo! Wonderful job! Enjoyed it thoroughly - very cool scenery - great singing and performing. Looking forward to the next one! 

Dear God, You are so good. Thank you for the friends you've given to me, the family you've made me part of and for the support you surround me with. You know there are prayer requests on the table- for family and friends. You see the situations, You know the plan and You will provide what is needed. Please help us all have greater faith in You. 

Well friends, I suppose I should get moving and start my day. Mom and I are shopping, tying to start on Christmas :)  I hope you have a beautiful weekend and come back to visit soon! 

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  1. You're such a loving, caring aunt. I love reading your Friday Letters. I like the little glimpse into what's happening with you. Hope your weekend has been fabulous so far!


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