Sunday, November 23, 2014


Last week we finished up the book we were studying in Sunday School and were asked what we wanted to move into next. You know how that goes... *cricket cricket*

I whispered to my sister that I would really like to do an in-depth study of the Christmas Story. And thankfully she spoke up and away we go! Today began the first lesson and it started from the beginning - Jesus' lineage on both His earthly father's and Mother's side. 

I'm so excited about this series, I'm chomping at the bit to go to Sunday School. I'm excited to learn more about one of the most important dates ever in history. About the most important man. The hope and joy from His birth! Eiik! Excited! Buying a notebook for my notes. :)

My weekend in general has been out-of-sight! Took off Thursday and played with Macy all day. 

Then on Saturday I kept her ALL DAY so my sis and her hubby could find a new dryer. Did I mention all day?  Like 9 am until 6 pm? And that child kicked my booty. That pic above would be tickle fights instead of napping. :) 

Heehee. We really did have a great time together. Did a little shopping - supplies to learn how to quilt. I've finally decided to just mix te fabric I have here because SERIOUSLY how good is this going to turn out on my first attempt??? Yyyeeeaahhh 

Ok so there is a Sunday night ramble for you. :)  off to watch some music awards and then head for bed to get ready for Monday :) 

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  1. Quilting!? You can do it! Try Moda Bake Shop for free patterns. Search the easy patterns, pick one and follow the directions. I can't wait to see what you make. The bible study sounds like a great one.


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